The Beginnings

The idea for the EARTHFEST-Initiative goes back to the Cultures of Enlivenment, a program hosted by the und.Institute für Kunst, Kultur und Zukunftsfähigkeit (und.Institute for Art, Culture and Sustainability). The Program was funded by Cocreatio-Stiftung für Kooperation und kollektive Entwicklung, Kairos-Stiftung and Selbach-Umwelt-Stiftung.

Cultures of Enlivenment started with the publication of the Enlivenment-Manifesto Towards Cultures of Aliveness: Politics and Poetics in a Postdualistic Age, an Anthropocene Manifesto by Andreas Weber and Hildegard Kurt.

The Cultures of Enlivenment Program included more writing, teaching, workshops, academic seminars and other activities, found here.

Since September 2017 the EARTHFEST-Initiative has been supported by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation with funding from the Federal Ministry for Environment, Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).

Our special thanks go to Andrea Klepsch and Franz-Theo Gottwald of Cocreatio Stiftung für Kooperation und kollektive Entwicklung, Monika Sachtleben of Kairos Stiftung and Erika Littmann, Karl-Heinz Selbach and Manuel Schneider of Selbach-Umwelt-Stiftung. The amazing commitment and the continued support we have enjoyed by these pioneers of change have prepared the soil for the EARTHFEST-Initiative in many ways. We are looking forward to future co-creations, serving our common interest in fostering aliveness on this planet.