»Care for those who care for you, and life will go on forever.«

Robin Wall Kimmerer

EARTHFEST is a low-threshold movement: No former membership is required, no inscription to dedicated events, no official rules to abide. EARTHFEST connects human persons within the wider net of persons in the living meshwork of earth who want to make explicit our role of expressing gratitude to the other persons providing us with life, and who want to renew the pledge that as humans we are needed to care for these other persons who sustain life. The core-value of EARTHFEST is reciprocity: the egalitarian value of life that is giving freely and must be given to in order to sustain itself and its participants. EARTHFEST is about the earth first, about taking part in a shared process of reciprocity which creates fecundity in ecosystems, and which makes life feel itself as alive. In order to address earth as first, EARTHFEST coordinates an annual celebration around the summer solstice which is carried out autonomusly by individual participants and groups [PARTICIPATE]. Participation has no formal conditions, EARTHFEST can happen everywhere and through everyone when we are actively listening to what the earth asks us.

There is no barrier to join, simply earmark your co-creative, life-serving work with earth and all living non-human and human persons as part of the EARTHFEST ritual. If you want to publicly participate in the collective EARTFEST effort on June 18–20, contact the EARTHFEST team, and your celebration will be represented in our co-creative space (there is a dedicated webpage for this on the German-speaking version of this website).

Formally participating in the EARTHFEST practice requires adherence to the ecological set of values of reciprocity, care, and benevolene to life.