The real wonder is not how the world is, but that it is in the first place. Freely quoted after Ludwig Wittgenstein

Come into connection again – in a world marked by the unraveling of connections. Foto: Eric Ward/Unsplash

How can you get involved?

Earthfests are not centrally managed. There is no privileged location. Each Earthfest develops in its own context and according to its own self-organization, following the ideas, affordances and possibilities of the individual co-creative participants.

Everyone who will celebrate an Earthfest in the summer of 2018 can be considered a co-creative participant.

The EARTHFEST-core team will be happy to share the co-creative process of finding an individual form for your Earthfest. Call us! Write to us! Find the first invitation circular here (in German).

Celebrating the Earthfest can also mean doing nothing at all. Although dozens of co-creating participants are preparing amazing venues, you are not obliged to actively organize a celebration. Many participants involved in the Earthfest are already active all the year round. The new celebration day does not necessarily mean squeezing one more bullet point into your to-do-list.

On the contrary, participating in the Earthfest can be the occasion to hold your breath in awareness and pause, be it only for a few hours. Get out of the function-mode. Visit a place in the more-than-human world, alone or together with others, in order to sense, to perceive how this place speaks to you. Listen to a woodland, a meadow, a creek: What do I learn from you? And then share what has been learned, what has been felt. How thrilling could that be! An Earthfest always happens through true participation.

How will your participation provide more value for you?

You will become part of a community which is growing nation-wide and already expanding on a global level, and which is about giving meaning to being alive. You will become visible with your own Earthfest on this site and beyond on social media. And you will enjoy the PR work done by the EARTHFEST-core team.

A new Cultural Commons

By concentrating all activities – even the most insignificant ones – on three Earthfest-days which return every year, we generate a perceptibility and effectiveness which would not be possible through individual actions. By celebrating aliveness in togetherness, we create diversity, synergy and plenitude.

We hope that our common activities will forge a new cultural commons: a commons for innovative nature protection and for the democratic transformation to a life-giving world. For more on our values see here.