Make what lives more alive! This is the maxim of sustainability which should guide our endeavours on the individual as well as on the political level.
Hans-Peter Dürr, Quantum Physicist and Recipient of the Right Livelihood Award

Integral part of the EARTHFEST-Initiative we will start a dialogic and educational process to raise nature awareness, offered to selected participants. The first target groups are (I) stakeholders in the agricultural landscape and (II) young people between 18 and 29 years. With these dialogues aimed at special target groups the EARTHFEST-Initiative intends to:

  • advance the debate within society about questions of nature and climate protection, as well as biological diversity
  • supplement the already existing exchange processes involving policymakers and NGOs with a particular form of dialogue in which not only scientific facts, but also social, economic and cultural aspects stand at the forefront
  • enhance discursive with experience-based knowledge, which supports the Great Transformation (German Advisory Council on Global Change) through a culture of the inner human (Ernst F. Schumacher).